Precision welding gives our modern lives structure and holds together many essential pieces of our daily tasks, which is why a certified welder plays such a vital role!


Where do you go every day? Do you wake up and make breakfast? Do you go to work in an office building and run errands, such as the bank, at lunch? Welding is intimately a part of our daily lives, which is why you want welding experts carefully crafting and fortifying structures so you can be safe and go about your daily routine.  


At D & M Welding, we are certified welding professionals that can tackle all your residential and commercial welding projects. Learn more about welding and the need for certified welders.

Certified Welders: Keeping Your Life Together!


It’s amazing how much welding affects our lives and also how we easily look past the importance of a safe building or a car that doesn’t fall apart. The trust in the people who are welding car parts, appliances, and pieces for structures, is inherently there, but if it weren’t for highly skilled, trained, and certified welders, a lot could go wrong.


There are many people tackling DIY project these days and learning how to weld has become increasingly popular. While there are far more fails than wins when people begin to weld, it’s important to, yes, make mistakes, but it’s also important to know your limits.


When we start out, we all seem to think we’re the experts. It’s like a novice rock climber telling Alex Honnold that he’s belaying incorrectly or pointing out to Frank Lloyd Wright that his roofs weren’t properly supported — the experts and savants are that for a reason.


The same is true for welders — you likely wouldn’t feel safe with a brand new welder constructing beams to support your new home, thus the importance of certified welders and not the DIY, neighborly welder!


Let’s explore below the importance of hiring a certified welder for your next project!




Certified and skilled welders put safety first, not only for themselves but in the projects they are completing. There are so many times when welders have to go in and fix a weld that was done haphazardly or by an unqualified welder. You can chalk it up to a bad day and make excuses, but at the end of the day, if you don’t put the safety of the people who will be inhabiting what you’re crafting first, perhaps you should reevaluate what you’re doing.


This, in itself, highlights the need for certified welders. Because not many people are versed or can spot a good weld, anyone can tell you that they’re a qualified welder. Being a certified welder makes a world of difference because you can’t just tell a person that, yes, you can do a certain kind of welding work, you have to pass a test for all the welds you intend to perform. Just because a welder can weld pipes does not mean they are able to weld plates.  




Details are the key to a good weld, so if you’re not a person who pays attention to detail, it could take from your welding skills. Precision is just another facet of the details, you not only have to pay attention to what you’re doing, but how you’re doing it. Even the slightest mistake can affect the entire welding project.




In welding, you don’t have to sacrifice speed for quality — the two can meld together seamlessly. This is absolutely true when you have an experienced welder who has been in the game for quite some time. Expert certified welders can complete projects promptly all while creating high-quality welds and saving your company money.




Quality welding comes with time and experience so not only is the welder certified, but they’ve worked through a myriad of projects learning and honing their craft through each year. Weld quality spurs from joints being able to meet load requirements, using certified consumables, and being able to communicate project details — things that develop and enhance with experience.




A certified welder, because of their expertise, can prevent potentially hazardous accidents from occurring. Many welding accidents arise from people not paying attention or not crafting a quality weld — the precision, quality, and details are not met. When this happens structures collapse, cars fall apart, and appliances break, risking harm to those who are near.


A certified welder follows industry standards that help them comply with many project regulations. Each welding certification is created for the different areas of welding, so it’s important to always verify that the welder you’re hiring is specifically certified in a category such as D1.1 structural steel or aerospace.   


Each type of welding has unique processes and know the outcome so to better be able to determine any issues if something goes wrong and why.


Certified welders keep our modern society safe to enjoy the luxuries of not having to worry about an airplane wing falling off mid-flight or the water slide breaking while a group of kids are on it.

We owe a lot to certified welders who work largely behind the scenes to enforce buildings and our transportation, to be able to enjoy life without having to worry if the bridge we’re on is going to give way.   


At D & M Welding, we have a whole certified welding team to help you with all your welding projects — from custom fabrication to truck repair, we are here to help you!

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