Welding impacts practically every part of our daily lives — go ahead, try and name one area it doesn’t touch!

Welding distilled is merging two pieces of metal together to create or fortify the whole. It seems easy but people often dismiss its wonders mainly because when everything is operating and moving effectively, there’s no need to notice.

At D & M Welding, we offer welding services to the Ohio area for fun decorative welding projects in homes and commercial welding to create and reinforce buildings. Take a moment today to notice where welding meets your life and how it greatly impacts modern-day society.

Where Welding is Found

Welding plays a vital role in our lives and without it, our lives might literally crumble! Below is just a snapshot of the areas in which welding plays a part.  



Movement and physical activity is how we stay healthy and sane, but without welding, exercise wouldn’t be as accessible or convenient for the masses. If you stick to the pavement for running or hiking on trails, you may narrowly escape it, however, even if you ride a bike, skateboard, or rollerblade these rely on some form of welding.

Exercise equipment is a big draw in welding — from ellipticals and treadmills to free weight and weight machines, welding is relied heavily upon for our physical activity. So, if you love being a gym rat, thank a welder!


Eating is also imperative to our everyday survival and without welding, we may be eating cold food on the floor! Welding is responsible for the dining tables we gather at, the chairs we sit on, and the appliances we use to heat and cook our food. Even down to the small appliances such as a mixer, welding makes eating and preparing food an easier task.


Do you sleep on a bed with a box spring? Likely, it’s been welded. Sleep is one of our most important functions and with sleep disturbances our lives get turned upside down — we’re cranky, fatigued, and our mental clarity and focus goes out the window.

Welding helps you get better sleep.


Beyond a bike, how we travel is made possible through welding — planes, trains, and automobiles! Cars that get us out and to work and running errands are crafted through welding, as are planes that take us on our worldwide vacations, and trains that both transport goods and us!

So, if you love traveling any distance with ease and convenience (while saving a great deal of time) you can lean on the welding industry knowing modern transportation is always available.

Medical care

Welding can be traced intimately to many facets impacting the medical field. From the machines that make our pharmaceuticals to treat the sick to all of the major medical equipment surgeons and doctors rely on, our health deeply relies on welding.  


You wouldn’t necessarily know that we depend on welding for our technological devices — mainly because it’s something we can’t see — but each little piece that goes into how we connect to our world is meticulously welded.   


Do you work at a desk in front of a computer? Both the desk and computer have likely gone through some welding. We can also thank the welding industry for a safe and secure building and any safety features such as handrails in the stairwells or bathrooms that support us. Welding plays a major role in where and how we work.

Welding goes beyond just infrastructure and impacts just about every aspect of our lives.

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